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"Croatia is the last unspoiled, beautiful part of the European Mediterranean region, that has long been in the tourism industry, but has managed to preserve its authenticity ambience and the original way of life. At the same time it is a country with high quality of life style, and has a multitude of cultural and natural resources, as well as many other attractions ..."



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Residency & Citizenship






Please pay attention that pursuant to the Government’s Decision, the Republic of Croatia applies the Decision No 565/2014/EU according to which all visitor holders of valid Schengen documents, as well as national visas and residence permits of Bulgaria, Cyprus, and Romania do not require an additional (Croatian) visa for Croatia.

Visa application shall be submitted prior to the entry into Croatia.


Each visa applicant shall enclose following documents with the application:

  • Valid travel document
    • the validity period of the travel document should exceed that of the visa by three months
    • travel document must be issued in the previous 10 years
    • travel document must contain at least two empty pages for the visa
  • A 35x45 mm color photo
  • Evidence of travel health insurance
  • Evidence of paid visa fee
  • Documents that prove:
    • The purpose of the stay in Croatia
    • Ensured accommodation
    • Means of subsistence
    • Means of transport

* Information on this web site is liable to change, therefore we advise seeking our expertise.


We offer a "Residence and citizenship program" package for foreigners and non-EU citizens to acquire a residence permit in Croatia and then we help them apply for citizenship. Foreigners and non-EU persons that excel in one of the fields of interest to the Republic of Croatia can apply for citizenship after they get their residence permit, along with that citizen's spouse and children. Otherwise, you will need to renew the residence permit annually for five consecutive years (absences shouldn't exceed ten months over a five year period), after which you can apply for citizenship.


For non Europe Union members

  • Valid Visa
  • Valid proof of identity
  • Adequate financial resources for sustenance of the applicant and family.
  • Proof of educational background and qualifications.
  • Proof of family relationship, marriage, or partnership with spouse or partner.
  • Proof that relationship with dependents.
  • Medical certificate issued by a registered Doctor.


For graduates, highly skilled workers, athletes, entrepreneurs, and artists Croatia offers a relatively easy path to resident status and eventually acquiring Croatian citizenship. Thanks to its international treaties and naturalization options, Croatia is the only country in Europe where you become eligible to apply for citizenship by being a foreigner of interest, bypassing the 5 years of mandatory residency.


  • Valid residence permit.
  • Application to citizenship by international treaties and naturalization.
  • Competent ministry reference stating your "foreigner of interest" status.
  • Your curriculum vitae should contain:
    • Personal data
    • Education
    • Past employment
    • Residence and address abroad
    • Marital status
    • Information about children
    • Information about parents

Bronze Package

  • Advice and assistance during the initial visa application
  • Certification, due process fees and document translation to Croatian official language
  • Letter of Guarantee, company endorsement and legal fees
  • Obtaining Travel Medical Insurance with 30.000 EUR coverage
  • Submission of the reviewed application to the relevant government authorities
  • Advice and assistance for the residence application
  • Application fee for temporary work and residence permit
  • Biometric residence permit

Silver Package

  • All of the above
  • Assistance in the search for adequate housing
  • Assistance with the registration in the municipality
  • Assistance with opening bank accounts in Croatia
  • Advice and assistance during all renewals of the temporary residence permit
  • Assistance with obtaining a permanent residence permit
  • Administrative fee for permanent residence permit

Gold Package

  • All of the above
  • Liaison with local and major government authorities
  • Advice and assistance with the citizenship application
  • Assistance obtaining the "foreigner of interest" reference
  • Follow-up of the citizenship application
  • Help with the passport application

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